About Us

Established in 2007 by longtime friends Kenny Ricker and Justin Carpenter, we made our first appearance at NJ NAM in 2007. From there we have evolved into an aggressive but laid back team. We consider ourselves brothers in arms with other teams which can be found on our Battle Buddies page - https://sospaintball.webs.com/battle-buddies. We do have some sort of structure with a command element.We do not use any military ranking system except for the Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), and Sargent at Arms (Sgt). We do have a team Treasurer and team parents (even though most of the team members are in their upper 20's lower 40's with some 18 and under team members)

Sons of the South is short for Sons of Southern Maryland, however in 2011 we have extended our reach and recruited all over the Maryland/ Virginia/ DC area and even into PA. We play scenario paintball but we enjoy just going to our local field - Southern Maryland Paintball - and playing recreation paintball with random players. 

We have all sorts of play styles - Pump, Magfed, Hopper. 

Some of the magfed players are part of the Magfed United Detachment or MUD as it's known.

We uphold the philosophy of Honor, Integrity, Sportsmanship on and off the field. If you ask someone about us they would say we are a bunch of crazy players who get the job done sometimes in such a manner that players around us start laughing.

We are The Sons of the South. We like to have fun and play this amazing sport we all love and live for.

See you on the field
- Kenny "Redneck" Ricker




We are apart of the Valken Corps Tri State region





                                     ^(C) Tina "Golden Girl" Ruzzo^